JCI Marina Chapter

JCI Marina was formed in 1975, as Merlion Chapter. The name change to Marina Junior Chamber took place in 1989.

In 1973, the National Board of Directors recommended the extension of the Jaycees movement. As a result, the Jurong and Serangoon Chapters were formed.

Members from City Chapter could opt to remain in the chapter or transfer membership to either one of the two new chapters.

In late 1973, fresh assessment of the Constitutions of the National organization, the City, Orchid, Jurong and Serangoon chapters were made to the Registrar of Societies for approval.

An assessment was also made on the performance and strength of the Singapore Jaycees. At the 1974 National Convention, it was resolved that amalgamation of the 4 chapters might be the solution to the problem.

On 02 April 1975, the Registrar of Societies gave a reply which includeed a guideline on the desired Constitutional Structure. Thus, the Merlion Chapter emerged as a result of the reorganaisation leading to the amalgamation of 2 chapters - Jurong and Serangoon. JC Kay Dhevi became the Pro-tem President of Merlion Chapter.

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