JCI Singapore Membership Benefits


As an active citizen you contribute to the community, but you also receive a lot in return.

Why Join JCI Singapore?


  • You want to get involved in your community and be part of JCI's projects giving back to society
  • You want to expand your network
  • You want to develop leadership skills
  • You want to get new business insights
  • You want to travel to JCI's international conferences
  • You want to meet inspiring people
  • You want to be a better trainer and speaker

If you say yes to any of the points above you should get involved in JCI. There's nothing to lose and a great way for you to develop new skills, get new insights and at the same time gaining a broader social life!


Who can Join?

Membership is open to everyone between 18-40 years old who is interested in being part of a global active citizen network.


Things you'll receive as a member of JCI Singapore

    1. You'll broaden your network of contacts

    2. You get instant recognition and hospitality among the JCI fraternity in over 120 countries

    3. You get the chance to give back to your community through taking part in JCI projects

    4. You'll go to seminars you never would get access to if it wasn't for JCI

    5. By practice you'll develop your leadership and management skills

    6. Get a chance to practice public speaking and debating in a safe environment

    7. Meet people from all over the world at JCI's conferences

    8. Discover your potential and what makes you tick

    9. Expose yourself for new challenges

    10. Have fun and meet new people

    11. Get a great dose of positive energy


Who are our members?

Our membership is very diverse - from start-up entrepreneurs to people working in blue chip companies, non-profit organisations and charities. JCI members come from all walks of life, and from all around the world.
But they are united in one common aim: to challenge and develop themselves, impacting the community.

International Networking
Community Projects
Training Opportunities
Business Networking

How much does it costs?

Next to nothing, considering the development opportunities you'll be getting. Annual membership dues varies with chapter from S$200-500. Events are charged at nominal fees to meet costs.


Just want to find out more?

Come along to a local event and participate. You'll find more friends and maybe get interested in becoming a member.

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