Legacy To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

This project’s mission is to grow as a platform to continually support development of young entrepreneurs, by collecting and delivering extremely valuable legacy from outstanding entrepreneurs, in terms of knowledge, spirit and opportunities. It primarily features interviews of successful business leaders. We compile and publish their stories into a book and other materials to be shared with JCI Members, aspiring entrepreneurs and the public whoever has a dream of entrepreneurship. However, we will go beyond that, with more surprises that lead to a positive social movement. The funds raised through sale of the book and sponsorship will be channeled into a JCI Marina’s social project in 2015.

Key Characters Featured By Now (In Time Order):

  • JC Kek Boon Leong:
  •    1988 JCI Mandarin Chapter Prexy,
  •    Nanyang Confucian Association
  • JC Ben Teoh:
  •     Business Director, JCI Marina Senior Club,
  •     Founder and Executive Chairman, Ever Last Group
  • Sean Wong
  •     2012 TOYP Singapore
  •     2014 Naitonal Secratary General, JCI Singapore
  •     Founder and Group Director, Celebrity Group Pte Ltd
  • JCI Senator Dr Derek Goh
  •     1997 JCI Singapore National Prexy,
  •     JCI Singapore Patron
  •     Founder and Executive Chairman, Serial System Ltd
  • JCI Senator Ho Chee Meng, Stanley:
  •     1988 JCI Marina VP
  •      Co Founder of D’elegance Pte Ltd
  • Loo Yau Soon
  •       2013 JCI TOYP World,
  •       BruVenture
  • Dato’ Dr Tan Hian-Tsin: 
  •       1960 JCI Singapore National Prexy,
  •       JCI Singapore Patron,
  •       Founder, Crocodile International Pte Ltd